Twitter Data Mining
A fresh Londoner meets a young startup

UI Design

A mobile app that helps users find the find the best restaurants and pubs near them, Twizoo aimed to capitalise on the reviews dropped every second by the twittersphere by weeding out restaurant opinion pieces and generating reviews based on them.

When  I  met the founders of Twizoo, the product was an already live application, a restaurant review app that bases scoring on twitter algorithms (they somewhat pivoted since) Their basic philosophy was that Customer generated content space was never dependable enough and main opinion output of the people is just sitting there on twitter. My services were required on their marketing side, the landing page, some branding and artworking.

The Website

London was a big part of the brand personality and I  already knew there would be illustrative tasks to come so I  decided to create a cityscape to serve as hero image on the homepage.

Preliminary style explorations
The cityscape and its assets
The cityscape and its assets

Wider design support

After front-end work was done we kept collaborating on social media and blog post visuals. These were scheduled mostly around holidays and special events.

A selection of illustrations