Translating a card game to an app
Getting paid to create a villains gallery

UI Design

The app for the popular board game Linkee follows the same premise: You answer 4 questions and then work out the link between the answers.

Based on the popular board game by Big Potato, the Linkee app was a fun and colourful game application project with some UX work involved. The level system was in similar vein to Mario (or Candy Crush for that matter), themed worlds with multiple levels and a quirky boss.

App Design and Illustrations

I collaborated with Ozgun Tandiroglu to create a sensible translation of this board game onto the mobile realm. The world>level system was introduced. Each world was themed differently and included 2 boss levels, which sketched out and illustrated.

The user flow for the App. Through this, we were able to translate the card game concept into a traditional level based game application.
Different worlds from the game
Rogues' Gallery